What Is Willow Pill Illness and Cystinosis Disease and Health Update Explained


Willow Pill came out as transgender. She is also now a well-known figure whenever she takes part in the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has appeared in fourteen seasons of the show. Yanomaru, who became transgender, revealed that she is now facing health-related issues. She revealed her health concerns after taking part in the show.

What is willow pill disease?

Known as androgynous, she is known for her style and unique charm. Because of her, these unique people are crazy about her. They don’t care about her gender because as someone’s fan you don’t judge someone based on her gender.

She has a lot of praise from her supporters, but when her fans heard the news that she was facing difficulties with her health, everyone was shocked. Her terrifying, cheerful, and flamboyant demeanor made her the central focus of the show. She has gained a lot of fans through her TV show.

Liuwan cystinosis explained

She identified herself as transgender when she published about her gender. She also spoke about her health at the time. She revealed that it was because of the face of the disease cystinosis. She also said she was experiencing too much physical and emotional pain because of her illness. She always wanted to get rid of this pain.

She also confirmed that not only did she face health issues regarding cystinosis due to intensive treatment over the years, but she also admitted to suffering from medical post-traumatic stress disorder. She said she was going through the most difficult period of her life. Sometimes she wondered why she was still alive, but she was strong and she hadn’t lost his confidence.

The National Kidney Foundation describes the disease as a rare but life-threatening condition that typically presents in early childhood but affects patients throughout their lives. Cystinopathy is a disease caused by the abnormal accumulation of a specific amino acid called cysteine. The disease is very dangerous because it damages many parts of the body, including the eyes, muscles, brain, heart, white blood cells, thyroid and pancreas. She also admitted that she takes more than 20 pills a year to treat the harmful disease. She said she realized she was transgender after unraveling her medical trauma.


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