What Was Bria Joyce Cause Of Death? Victoria Police Officer Killed In Car Crash With Another Vehicle Driver


What was the cause of Bria Joyce’s death?Victoria Police killed in crash with driver of another vehicle, #Bria #Joyce #Death #Victoria #Police #Officer #Killed #Car #Crash #Vehicle #Driver Welcome to OLASSMED IA TV BLOGThis is what we have for you today:

It’s upsetting to hear that a respected and bravest Victorian police officer has been killed overnight in a “catastrophic” crash in Victoria’s north-west. It’s also heartbreaking to hear that another man, who lost his life and died, passed away after succumbing to his injuries. The officer, identified as Bria Joyce, 25, is now mourning the passing of their most respected and courageous officer, sources said. Read on to learn more about Bria Joyce.

Police reports show Joyce was travelling in an unmarked police car on Kulkyne Way in Red Cliffs about 10pm on Friday when a ute crossed the road and struck her car head-on. Subsequently, the police rushed to the scene to confirm the identity of the deceased and found Bria Joyce. On Saturday afternoon, Victoria Police released a photo of Joyce, a respected constable in the department for just six years. Bria Joyce, 25, has been with the Mildura Highway Patrol since 2021. Unfortunately, Victoria Police has lost a talented and brave officer.

Who is Bria Joyce?

According to sources, police responded to the crash and arrived at the scene. They found Victorian constable Bria Joyce in the car, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Well, Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton said, “Nobody wants to go to work and not come home”. Flowers outside Mildura Police Station pay tribute to the deceased police officer on Saturday afternoon.

Along with her, the utility’s driver, a 23-year-old local man, was involved in the crash and lost his life after being injured. Well, the person’s name has not been revealed. Meanwhile, another female officer, a colleague of Bria Joyce, was in the passenger seat and was injured in the crash. She is 43 years old and is being treated in hospital. A third vehicle behind the police car collided with the rear, but the male driver and three children were not injured.

Victoria police killed in car crash

“It’s going to have a big impact on the entire police force, and it’s going to impact the entire community,” Patton said. The crash happened about 30km south of Mildura and distances are expected to remain as detectives investigate the crash.

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