Who are the Labrant family? sparks severe backlash online


The Labrant Family Documentary: Who is the Labrant Family? Sparked a backlash online: Today, the concept of making documentaries is getting higher and higher. One such documentary about the family is currently trending on the Internet. Yes, your assumption is correct, we are talking about the “Labrant family”. The Labrant family is an American Youtuber family based in California. The family consists of Cole and Savannah Rose LaBrant and their 3 children Everleigh (9), Posie (3) and Zeeland (1). The family recently faced backlash for making a “Dear” documentary called “Abortion.” The 38-minute video describes interviews with a number of people, including the story of Savannah and Cole, key members of the YouTube family. Follow more updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Labrant Family Documentary

The documentary opens with a series of montages with voiceovers in an attempt to find a “middle ground” in the ongoing debate over abortion rights: “Can we stand for love?” At the beginning of the video, Cole can be seen clarifying that this The documentary is not meant to oppose abortion, but to offer expectant mothers the idea of ​​”choice.”

“This documentary is by no means an attempt to decriminalize abortion after this documentary, you still have options.” Meanwhile, Savannah mentioned that the documentary tries to explore “resources” that are available as abortion options. Despite the backlash online for the video, many called on Youtubers to discuss their controversial content.

Who are the Labrants?

The Labrant Family’s Youtube documentary about abortion was immediately scorned on social media. According to media gossip platform Def Noodles, the video garnered more than 33,000 likes. The documentary has largely been criticized online, especially for its comparisons between the Holocaust and abortion practices. While the comments section of the video is currently closed, many social media users took to Twitter to call on Youtubers to get creative:

One user wrote: “I’m really disgusted by the documentary made by the LaBrant family. Abortion is something I’ve always been outspoken about, but it’s gotten worse. I’ve always been pro-choice and will always be pro-choice . The women are the ones who should make the choices. The story ends.”

Another user wrote, “It’s not the Labrant family (whom I used to be a big fan of) comparing abortion to the Holocaust and actually exploiting their children to pay their bills?????? ?”

It remains to be seen whether the LaBrant family will admit to the recent controversy in the coming days, as significant backlash continues to emerge online.


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