Who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu? Revealed


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Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Non-Stop Elimination Week 7 April 9, 2022: Who gets eliminated by Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu? disclose: It’s week 7 of Bigg Boss Non-Stop and it’s very exciting and entertaining. Viewers of the show enjoyed the week so much because they had the chance to see so much drama and fights between contestants. This week, we saw several contestants go all out to get things done. The audience is watching the show with great interest. As we all know, this is a digital version of the show, so most people can watch it. In this section, we bring some important information about this week’s knockout rounds. Follow for more updates on Olasmediatv.com

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT nonstop elimination

One of the most popular and fan-favorite reality TV shows, Bigg Boss Non-Stop is doing well on digital platforms. The show drew an astonishing response online. People have been enjoying the show 24/7 on the platform. The contestants have become a huge fan base. The contestants of the show have fun on the show and try their best to entertain the audience. It’s the weekend, so everyone is curiously waiting to know who will be evicted this week.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination Week 7 – Who’s Eliminated This Week Bigg Boss Non-Stop – Bigg Boss Non-Stop disuse

Natraj and Mahesh Vitta were in the danger zone with fewer votes than the others, according to unofficial online polling results. Bindu and Ashu Reddy, on the other hand, got a lot of votes and are safe this week. Although, there is no information on this week’s elimination yet. Overall, the BB Non-Stop show went very well. The show is known to have a huge base all over the world especially Tamil fans have been following the show from day one. This weekend, this episode will be more fun than ever. Also, it will be interesting to know who will be evicted this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu is going to grab this note, and it has the funniest episode tonight because the content is cooking something so spicy and the house is going to be filled with that apparently very interesting spice. Since there is a captain task, this allows prisoners to develop strategies to win the task. Confirm that tonight’s show was also filled with lots of fun and heated debate.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Nominees Week 7

The nominated contestants are as follows:

  • bindu madawi
  • Hamada
  • Natrai
  • Slavanti
  • Ajay
  • Ashura Reddy
  • Mahesh Vita
  • Shiva
  • Mitrau
  • mumes khan

This captain’s task is to make roommates show their true colors in front of everyone. We see more fun vibes when Ashu and Akhil are together, and they use their powerful plans and strategies to interfere with the minds of other makers. Both of them had a great time. They were small groups for hours and the prisoners played in groups because it was the beginning of the season and everyone needed help to get further in the game. Well, these strategies have been tested and are happening, and these will benefit the strong players.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop FFinal poll results for week 7

  • Ajay – 9% vote share
  • Ashura Reddy – 11% vote share
  • Shiva – 16% vote share
  • Mahesh Vitta – 5% voting share
  • Natraj – 4% vote share
  • Sravanthi – 8% vote share
  • Bindhu – 22% voting share
  • Hamida – 12% vote share
  • Mitraaw – 6% vote share
  • Mumaith – 7% vote share

The voting list was led by Akhil and Shiv as they had the most votes. The game was well received by the audience. Although two names are at risk, Shree Rapaka and Mitraaw are at the bottom of the voting roll, with the fewest votes in their pockets, so they could face elimination. The knockout round was the most heartbreaking stage of the weekend, but it had to happen because it was the single best way to get a well-deserved title.

Compared to other reality shows on the channel, the show is more engaging and has a huge fan base compared to the previous season. Don’t forget to watch the full episode on Disney+ Hotstar. For written episode updates, please bookmark us and follow our website.

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