Who Is Eric Adams? A Dozen Injured In Brooklyn Subway Mass Shooting Video CCTV Footage


Shootings have been on the rise over the past few months, with a group of people seriously injured recently in a subway shooting. During a manhunt in the Brooklyn subway, a gunman wearing a gas mask and construction vest detonated a smoke grenade and quickly fired at least 33 rounds, injuring about 20 people, according to sources. hours of subway trains. Here is the complete information you should read.

When authorities learned of the incident, they took the initiative, and according to the FDNY and police, the bloodstained incident occurred at around 8:30 a.m. at the 36th Street Station in Sunset Park, where authorities found several unexploded bombs. device. Another report said at least five people were believed to have been shot. However, about 10 people were directly hit by the shooting, and five of them have been hospitalized in critical but stable condition. About 13 others inhaled smoke or may have been injured in the chaos as panicked passengers fled the smoke-filled subway cars, the investigation team and the police department said. Amid this shocking news and updates from the scene, one thing that can be relieved, as officials say, is that all victims are expected to survive.

When questioned by passengers, one of them, named Claire, told the source, “There were so many gunshots that she “couldn’t count.” She was on the same train, the N train, going to Manhattan. Going on the statement, she told her she saw The man she later described as a 5ft 5in black man weighing about 170 pounds, wearing an orange vest and gas mask – dropping “some sort of top hat with sparkles on top”. While probing, she further told her: “At first I thought He’s on the MTA because I don’t think I want to be too careful. you know? You’re wearing orange,” she said.

Based on her statement, it is hypothesized that the defendant may be an MTA worker because of his attire. Sources are looking for more information, so stay tuned to us for more updates on the case.


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