Who Is Ramona Stoia? 35-Year-Old GothInk Studio Tattoo Artist And Her Boyfriend’s Murder-Suicide Case


Who is Ramona Stoya? Murder-suicide of 35-year-old GothInk studio tattoo artist and her boyfriend, #Ramona #Stoia #35YearOld #GothInk #Studio #Tattoo #Artist #Boyfriends #MurderSuicide #Case OLASSMED IA TV BLOGThis is what we have for you today:

There’s a lot of bad news in front of almost everyone in the world these days, and every time it’s related to someone’s death. That’s why people’s hearts are shaken every time something like this comes up in front of them, because such an increase in murders is worrisome somewhere. Something similar came out of Romania again, as authorities found a couple lifeless, later identified as Ramona Stoja and Katalin Miku. So below you can get everything you need to know as well as some unknown facts.

On Monday night, April 11, 2022, a Romanian couple was found dead at their tattoo retailer in a suspected butchery homicide, according to exclusive reports or sources. The way their bodies were discovered by the authorities seems to be that someone was the cause of their deaths, as their wounds said it all. As a result, the relevant departments began to investigate the case, just in case, to identify the culprit as soon as possible. Because once the culprit is always the culprit, therefore, he must be caught before he kills others because there is no room for trust.

Who are Ramona Stoya and boyfriend Katalin Miku?

Ramona Stoia and her boyfriend Catalin Micu reportedly took their last breaths on Lower Bridge Street in Canterbury, Kent. Initially, they were taken to the nearest medical center so that if any breath remained in their bodies, the medical team could bring them back to life. But unfortunately, when the medical team first saw them, they had already been pronounced dead. Because the wounds on their bodies clearly said, they have been taken out of the hospital, and the authorities have made their relatives familiar with the news of their deaths.

Once the news spread on social networking sites, everyone was familiar with the news, and their shock reaction came out. Because no one has the right to be the cause of someone’s accidental death, everyone is urging the authorities to identify the defaulters behind the major involvement as soon as possible. In addition to this, countless people are offering their condolences to their families so that they can bless them with greater strength to bear the pain of losing their families.

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