Who Was Tarek Zahed Wife Commanchero Boss Shot With Brother Dead Or Alive?


Who is Tarek Zahed’s wife Commanchero Boss and brother shot dead or alive? , #Tarek #Zahed #Wife #Commanchero #Boss #Shot #Brother #Dead #Alive Welcome to OLASSMED IA TV BLOGThis is what we have for you today:

Underworld killers opened fire at a gym in Sydney’s west overnight, with Tarek Zaheed fighting for his life and his brother Omar dead. Last week, Tarek’s younger brother Omar tweeted a cheeky TikTok montage of him and Tarek posing in front of expensive jets surrounded by Comanchero bikies. Tarek Zahed, 41, from Comanchero, and brother Omar, 39, from Parramatta, were hit by bullets in the foyer while working out at the Bodyfit Fitness Centre on Parramatta Road on Tuesday night. Paramedics from NSW Ambulance treated the brothers at the scene.

Omar reportedly died at the scene after suffering a traumatic cardiac arrest. Omar was shot multiple times in the abdomen, arms and legs, resulting in his tragic death. On the other side, Tarek was shot with about 10 bullets in the head, legs and body. Tarek is not dead and is in a serious but stable condition in hospital, the report said. NSW Ambulance Inspector Kevin McSweeney said both patients had suffered significant blood loss when they arrived at the scene. Kevin further added that it was a horrific and confrontational scene in front of several witnesses.

Ambulance inspectors said it was fortunate that no other members of the public were injured. Kevin McSweeney went on to say that paramedics did everything they could, but despite their best efforts, Omar died. Speaking on the matter, NSW Police Minister Paul Tour has vowed to go after the perpetrators. Police also said they had warned the brothers that their lives were in danger and encouraged them to leave the state. Beyond that, officials did not reveal any further details, such as who made the threats.

Commissioner Webb said it was too early to say whether Tarek’s shooting was a retaliation against underworld figure Mahmoud Bronny Ahmed, who was told less than a week ago in the head Shot in Greenuck after offering a multi-million dollar reward. As soon as the news came out, almost everyone was shocked. While expressing shock at the news, people appear to be searching for the brother’s personal details, such as Tarek Zaheed’s wife and others like it. However, there is not much information about the same on the internet. Our team is working hard to get all the details so our readers can stay updated! Until then, please follow our website.

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