Why I Refused To Meet D’Prince At A Hotel – DJ Dimplenipple Speaks Up


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Nigerian disc jockey Rachel Martins, better known as DJ Dimplenipple, has been in the news recently as she called on singer and record label owner Charles Enebeli (aka D’Prince) to hire her Meet him at the hotel for a business meeting.

In an interview with Beats on Saturday, she explained why she declined the invitation.

she says, “I’ve never had any issues or any business with D’Prince and it wasn’t my first job as an influencer. I had meetings in hotels. So when I saw those comments (criticizing me), I Just laughed. I’ve worked with a lot of entertainers. You want us to do business and then you say “hello dear” and “can I come to the hotel? For what? All I have to do is give you the artist’s song” Ambience”, which can be done over the phone or even chat.

“Since we didn’t sign any contracts, what were we talking about in the hotel? Why did he suggest calling and then stop me? Everyone wants to be smart and sound ‘sober’. If he has nothing to hide, why does he ( D’Prince lock his comments section? I don’t do me any good calling him out. I’ve always cared about my business. I can always stand by what I say.”

Dimplenipple responded to Ruger, an artist signed to D’Prince’s record label, who said she would be sued, Dimplenipple said, “I have nothing to do with Ruger. I will not communicate with him. I will wait to hear from their lawyers. He may be going through the trauma of harassment (he was recently injured on stage) and that is not my business. He He should be dealt with. I think we’ll see each other in court.”

On whether female DJs are harder than males, she said, “Actually, in the entertainment industry, being a woman is harder than just being a DJ. But, I thank God, the game is gradually changing and we are finally being shown what we can do, not what we think we can do Gender. One has to go beyond that and keep fighting.”

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