You Are Raising A Crackhead – Tonto Dikeh Attacked For Allowing His Son Smack Her Backside Repeatedly


You’re raising a lunatic – Tonto Dikeh was attacked for allowing his son to spank her repeatedly, #Raising #Crackhead #Tonto #Dikeh #Attacked #Allowing #Son #Smack #Backside #Repeatedly Welcome to 5 0 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Nigerians have slammed actress Tonto Dikeh for a video showing her son King Andrei repeatedly spanking her ass.

In the video, the 6-year-old can be seen chasing his mother and hitting her in the back repeatedly as they walk down the hallway.

When King Andrei took action against his mother, she barely shook her head and did nothing to stop him.

The person who recorded the video warned Tontolet’s son to stop spanking her but he continued to spank her until he actually hit her hard and she responded by telling him not to destroy her ‘millions of naira’s ass’ .

Sharing the video with her Insta Story, Dikeh wrote: “King wan broke out with an N5 million bum bum”.

Well, Nigerians haven’t smiled since seeing the video.

Many tongue-lashings at her indirectly raised a lunatic.

See comments below:

@Letter_to_Jack says: “Many single moms are like Tonto Dike. They spend half their adult and middle age complaining about impolite, irresponsible and misbehaving men who want to overcompensate for a lack of fatherhood in their children’s lives and end up Raise the men they hate.

@UgwuannaEjikem tweeted: “Not usually a fan of commenting on celebrity families, but this video is Tonto’s reaction in a way. She might inadvertently stir up a lunatic.”

@OfficialAkoh said: “I hope Tonto’s son doesn’t spank other girls because he thinks it’s cool because it’s cool for him to do it to his mom.”

@rutie_xx wrote: “Tonto Dikeh’s son spanking is totally wrong. If my son spanks me, I’d happily nod.”

@MrBambulu said: “This is disturbing! Tonto is raising a pervert. A woman can’t teach a boy how to be a man, just like a fish can’t teach a fisherman to fish.”

@EducatorsGinjah tweeted: “Abt Tonto Dike’s young son bumped her ass and she smiles at 5M yansh with her words. This looks more like a parade until the boy goes on hitting girls or women yanshes 4 school or community because he was not corrected immediately. Cruise go kon turn curse..ok o

@nee_dles said: “Tonto Dike thinks it’s cool for her 5-year-old son to spank her. She’ll say ‘it’s my kid’, don’t make threats, you owe society.”

@scad_official wrote: “A kid spanking his mom? I’d be more worried if my daughter was in the same school as Tonto Dikeh’s son.”

@zhurg_ said: “Tonto Dike’s son will spank his female classmate, thinking it’s normal, and worse, he might spank his teacher too. Bad parenting has more than one knock-on effect.”

@McIntoshkraft tweeted: “This looks disturbing judging by the fact that it’s not the first time he’s done it.”


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